17 November 2017, 00:30

Simple and volumetric crochet pattern

? Now specifically on the pattern. On the photo everything is perfectly visible. I will explain a little. And everything will be in its place. Look at the photo and read my explanations. I'm starting
? first photo master class
connected by 2 rows of post. with nak.
In the next. The third row is repeated 4 tbsp. with n. and 1 air. At the end for symmetry is 4 bars, as in the beginning. For this row we easily consider the multiplicity-report of the pattern.
4 st.i and 1 air-under it the column is omitted. only 5.
multiplicity = 5 and + 4 for symmetry.
I think it's understandable
? 4 p-analogous to the 3rd row-4st. above the posts and 1 air-everything is visible on the trail. a photo
The next 5-th row is more interesting.
In fact, it is the same as the 3rd and 4th, but the first of the four columns of each group is a relief facial, it is tied off, tracing a leg of a column. In the beginning it is knit not in the previous row, but in a column of the 3rd row and stretched out a little.
? 6 row-like 3 and 4-th
7 series approximately, like 5, but now it is not the first, but the fourth st, that is embroidered. each group. In this case, the leg of the column is traced. "
Source : http://stoool.yw0.ru/2/79/5359/