8 January 2018, 13:50

Zigzag knitting model

How to Make Zigzag Knitting Model?
If you want to weave a weft, let's start by stapling the bottle 46. Run the first thread in reverse. Spend the other side of it and make the second thread straight on the left side. Let's not pull the lugs out. Now, let's go straight to the first thread on the left side. Then let's pull out the two laces on this left. Now let's get this line up to the end of this turn. 1 reverse weave. Spread the thread to the other side. The second thread on the left is flat. We will make the first thread straight and knit the two threads without pulling out the threads.

Run the first thread straight on the other face of the embryo. Bottle rope. Let's not take the second thread on the left in reverse. Let's take the first thread on the left in the same way and knit it in reverse. Now, take 1 spinning wheel, 1 flat swab, 2 spinning swabs on the left until the end of this round, and the first stitches take the form of reverse swings.

That's how the model is. This is the two lengths we are talking about. It's an easy model. You can do it comfortably. Beginners can also easily make friends. With this model you can make very nice braids. Share the clothes you make with us.

Here is the zigzag knit model weft example made in this model :