Ribbon Craft Flower

Nowadays, I am so busy with the ribbon crafts that I am making it hard, and it is hard to be self-taught.

I bought a ribbon and I found a very beautiful pink ribbon I made a flower shape corsage ~

It was a bit annoying because it was a job that required sewing, but it is pretty when I made it.

need the ingredients
Pink ribbon and thread, needle, flower, button, corsage pinch ~

Besides , there are basically necessary materials for ribbon crafting.

Ribbon color is too pretty?

It is not too bright or dark, and it is a pinkish pink .

The width is 4cm

I did not cut it in advance because the length can be changed while making it.

Before making a flower corsage, first cut the ribbon end diagonally and heat it.

You can sew it in the counterclockwise direction starting from the heat treated part of the ribbon end

At this time , please make the yarn doubly durable , and the thread should not be in the middle, so start with a generous length

Stitches are homjil about 3 ~ 4mm there is you, while continuing to fold the ribbon diagonally I need

It may be difficult if you try it for the first time, but if you try it once, you will come to feel it

Like the picture below, I think you want to create a triangle , while giving Fold the ribbon homjil the edges

Keep folding the ribbons while you keep it.

In this way, keep folding the ribbon, fold it like you would stack it and sew it.

It's a little annoying to sew, right?

When you unfold it, it looks like the picture below.

Easy job pulling ah wrinkles while grabbing Please keep your sewing.

The petals look like they are up and down.

Five petals each on the top and bottom ... Please stitch until all 10 petals are formed

The last part cuts diagonally and heat- treats the end as it was when you first started
End up pulling it to the jundwi homjil wrinkles , please make

The flower shape has been created, the first beginning and the end of the thread sewn book a connection

The blossom with the hole in the center is completed.

It's just beautiful, but is it a bit of a joke?

Buttons, beads, flowers, etc. , in the middle part of the center ... You can put anything you want

I've looked up the button once

I think it would be ok to put only the button.

But I tried to use flowers to give more flower feeling

I want to put only a flower, but I made it by putting it in a button hole.

Please paste the completed button flower (?) With glue gun ~ ~

The picture below is the back part of the flower ~

I was wondering if I could cut off the rest of the flower pot,

Finally a Corsages pindae to use the glue gun to the back of the flowers laid told paste ~

At this time, I'll be careful, after rubbing the glue gun jigeodeunyo yiraseo pindae hot metal -

You will not be surprised if you wear gloves ~

I was surprised because I was touched without touching the whole thing before .

It is a size that fits nicely in the palm of your hand ~

I made it with different flowers in the middle.

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