Smart Booties

Just as these funny and smart booties are connected for small children, you can tie warm and cozy slippers for adults.
Only after the slippers are ready, they are sewn to the soles of felt.
Knit from a simple, knit straight linen. Dial loops (for this purpose take into account: half the width of the sole + height of the heel + lapel).
Knit with handkerchief knitting. After tied a canvas whose length is approximately 2/5 of the entire perimeter of the foot, close 1/3 of the loops in one row.
The rest of the knit strips. Contrasting thread knit 4 rows of face knitting, then the main - 4 rows of purl knitting.

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Minimize it by half. Combine the lower corners of both sides, combine the bottom edge. Sew a lateral seam.

Minimize symmetrically and flush the lower part - the sole, up to the strips.

Strip a needle and thread on a double (for strength) thread and fasten.

On top of the strip also gather on the thread and pull off. It turns out such a pretty round little "nose" in pintetok (or slippers):

It remains to decorate at your own discretion:

You can decorate with a flower crocheted:

You can also crochet the edge of the lap with a contrasting thread.

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