Stylish Booties

Stylish booties through the finger
Kind time of the day.
We begin to knit here such pinets.
In occasion of practicality are absolutely not practical, do not carry out any functions except embellishment, BUT SO PLEASANT.

It is possible under any suit and footwear to pick up
and according to the same scheme

I knit from jeans yarn, this is a mixture of yarn (cotton / acrylic). At 50 g 160 m.
I chose this yarn because of its rich color range, velvety and thread thickness)
(While I did not try the other yarn, but from thinner yarn I will need to knit not 3 rows round for the foot, but 4)

Hook No. 2 At me this number turns out densely, but does not pull together.

I'll give you a diagram in the beginning, on which I knitted a foot:

How do I calculate the required number of loops for the required length?
I tied a small sample and counted the density of the knitting6
in 1 cm wide by about 2.5 (2.6) ssn;
in height 1 cc = 0.9 cm.

The height of the 3 rows is 2.7 cm (approximately). We knit in a circle, and therefore both at the top and bottom of the foot we have 3 rows. Accordingly, 5.4 cm we are tying in these rows (2.7 * 2 = 5.4 cm).

The length of the foot (for me) is 10 cm. In order for the foot to turn out the right length, I need another 4.6 cm. This is 12 loops.

Now we calculate the total number of loops)
1 loop, on which we cut the fillet, then 12 in, then 1 more loop, on which we fix the fillet on the heel, and 3 loops that replace the first column without the crochet (in each row, then 3 in) .
In total it turned out I need to dial 17 loops.

If I knitted booties with a length of 11 cm in length, I would type 20 loops, t to 1 cm, I have 2.6 loops (in this case I cut it in the larger side).

This tablets with the size of a child's leg.

In principle, you can knit a foot for any scheme you like) this is not important, the main thing is to get into size.

We need 4 pcs of foot, it is advisable to bind them all in one sitting), since it is very difficult to observe the same density even after a couple of hours. A detail must be the same.

We begin to knit according to the following scheme:

in the 4th from the hook loop we knit 3 ssn.

The first row is ready. All in accordance with the scheme.

3вп (replace the first ссн, and ссн in the same loop (increase).

In the second and third loops again increase.

13 ssn loop in the loop, then 3 increments.

From the central loop we unfasten 3 ssn.
And mirror the second side.

In the second row there are 51 loops.


In the same way, I knit another 3 pcs of foot.

And I'm ironing things with acrylic on synthetics. But before you pat an associated part you need ALL EXPERIMENTS TO BE HELD ON THE SAMPLE !!! How he will behave. We knit the upper structure

We knit the second boot boot mirror, beginning with the strap.
We dial 21 in.

That's how the pinoteochki look from the wrong side. All the strings I brought to the wrong side and carefully fixed the tips.

We connect all the soles with a crochet with a crochet suture)
I found this picture in the nete to show schematically.

We knit just like that, just let the hook pass between the two soles instead of between the loops.

I walked with a tambour seam and a strap (it turned out from the outer side of the pigtail, from the inside just stitches.

now we are preparing the decoration. I pictured a diagram of a heart

We wind the thread around the finger and get a ring, in which we will knit ssn and c2n), pull the end of the thread and the ring is tightened.

After the weekend we will continue to knit imalchukovye from coco.
From the yarn Coco male version
Length of the foot 11 cm Hook No. 1.

I dial a chain of 25 in. In the fourth from the hook, I begin to knit a loop.

PLEASE NOTE, I attach the jumper between the fingers not in the first row of the sole (as in white and pink booties), but in the second!

Here to me they somehow not och. From the yarn Jeans would look better.

Girls, pay attention. where the loop, so it is better, you can adjust the length of the strap) to change the button, how to make a loop on the example of the boys showed.