21 October 2017, 03:35

Vest for man

1- 90 stitches are started, 1 flat + 2 reverse tires are knitted along the mesh.
2-Length of body length 48 cm at the front end of the stitching house cutting technique is cut three times 1 stitches from each side. The loops are cut into three loops.
3- The stitches that are 73 cm in size are cut and finished.

1 - 55 stitches are started, 5 cm 1 + 2 tires are knitted. Loops; Starting from the front center, 19 loops are arranged as 1 + 2 tires, 24 loops are numbered 1, 12 loops are arranged as 1 + 2 tires.
2- Beginning to apply the Schema 2 on the Schema 1 at 47 cm in body size. The middle part of the schema is made of 2 rows of brass.
3- The size of the body is 48 cm and one side loop is cut 3 times in each front row from one side.
4- The loops that are diagrammed from the front center for the collar in the same order as the arm house are knitted by sliding towards the arm home as shown in Schema 2.
5- When the shift operation is performed, the 1 st step increase is performed. This process is done 11 times in total. 1 + 2 tires are knitted in shifting loops.
6- The body is 73 cm long and 24 loops are cut from one side for the shoulder, and the loops remaining in the front center are finished by knitting 10 cm more 1 + 2 tires.
7- The two sides of the finished side are stitched together and sewed to the rear side. 8- A buttonhole is opened in the front center of the left with 10 cm.