White Dress with a Rose

Specifically, there is no ready description for this dress, but there are schemes and our friendly company.

Let's get started!

1) We knit the belt. It can be knitted with columns with 1 cape as in the original, it is possible to use columns without a crochet (I will knit so), it is possible for the back half loop, in general to whom it's like ... We put the finished belt in a circle and you can tie its edges with columns without a crochet.

2) Then, on one side of the belt, we knit a coquette.

The scheme of the coquette can also be different.
In the original, this is:

You can tie a yoke like this:

3) We knit the skirt part of the dress downwards from the waist according to the scheme:

4) Flower-brooch

My strings:
Lily YarnArt 100% mercerized cotton, 225 m, 50 g., No. 5046, hook No. 1.75
for the belt I use Violet 100% mercerized cotton, 282 m, 50 g., No. 003, hook number 1.

source: http://www.stranamam.ru/post/4320815
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