15 January 2018, 19:06

Wobbly Squares Blanket

I have a confession to make. I'm not a fan of granny squares. For some reason I have yet to figure out, they annoy me. The first few rows are fine, but the never ending grannies just don't do anything for me. However, square blankets fascinate me. I love the idea of working in rounds that join and color change effects are equally satisfying. Last year, one of my favorite blankets I made was based on the idea to create V stitches using dc2tog, the double crochet together stitch. Instead of the traditional double crochet - chain- double crochet, the dc2tog V stitch blanket creates the Vs based on the side by side dc2togs. It's really cool. What is even better is the happiness that comes from making those darn dc2togs! They are addicting and I find myself staying up later and later working on those blankets.