11 August 2018, 18:53

Women Colorful Felted Slippers Knit

Lovely woollen slippers knitted on No. 6 knitting needles and felted in the washing machine. For extra durability you may add felted soles with stocking-stop or apply latex to the entire sole.

Size/finished felted measurements: 16cm – (18cm) – 21cm – (24cm) – 27cm – (30cm)
Materials: 2 – (3) – 3 – (4) – 4 (5) balls of Melbourne yarn No. 6 knitting needles Latex adhesive or stocking-stop
Cast on 50 stitches (55 stitches) - 60 stitches - (65 stitches) – 70 stitches - (75 stitches).
Knit plain stitches back and forth until the knitted piece measures 13cm - (13cm) -14cm - (15cm) - 15cm - (17cm)
On the next two rows cast off the first 8 stitches – (8 stitches) - 9 stitches - (10 stitches) - 10 stitches - (10 stitches) = 34
stitches - (39 stitches) - 42 stitches - (45 stitches) - 50 stitches - (55 stitches)
Continue with plain knitting until the entire piece measures 20cm - (24cm) - 27cm - (31cm) - 35cm - (39cm).
Knit the toe the same in all sizes. Knit 2 plain stitches together along the entire row. If there is an odd number of stitches,
finish the row with a plain stitch. Knit 3 rows of plain stitches. On the next row knit 2 plain stitches along the entire row
again. If there is an odd number of stitches, finish the row with a plain stitch. Cut off the yarn at the appropriate length, as
this is used to sew the pieces together on top of the foot. Pull the yarn through the remaining stitches and pull tight. Sew
the slipper together on top of the foot. Do not sew the piece on the leg together. Sew together at the heel.
Wash in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Pull into shape when wet. It may be a good idea to put them on. When the
slippers are dry, treat with latex adhesive which improves the durability and makes them non-slip.