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Baby Slippers

#baby #slippers Dimensions: about 9,5 cm (3,75 inches) long by 5 cm (2 inches) wide (sole) Needle size: 4mm – US 6 (and 3,5 mm – US 4) Yarn: Schoeller u

10 December 2018, 22:37


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Example of crochet

You can easily do it at home by examining the crochet example in the picture. You can find many examples by browsing our web site.

13 November 2017, 23:42


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I will tell you how to make a bag that is very elegant and nice with the picture expression made by knitting bag. I was very pleased with the knitted bag, which was prepared with motifs and made to be used by sewing lining in the same colors. I now s

12 November 2017, 23:50


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Children's Clothes

12 November 2017, 23:08


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Women Scarf Shawls

Women Scarf Shawls with crochet flowers. You can build it from scheme.

9 November 2017, 11:37


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Heart Warming Vest [Free PDF Pattern]

#freepattern #pattern #vest #warming #pdfpattern An easy, cozy vest knit in the round in bulky yarn with a garter stitch yoke and rolled finishes for extra wa

17 December 2018, 15:20


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How to knit a Donald Duck Washcloth

Knitting a Donald Duck Washcloth video. #Washcloth #donaldduck

3 August 2018, 09:51


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Knitting needles for children: a pink poncho scheme for girls

A very beautiful and interesting model of a poncho for a girl is presented in this material. Knitting needles for poncho children, even if it takes a lot of time, but the result is what! Nice to see! In order for you to get as good as the proposed sa

13 November 2017, 22:58


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Knitted Vest with Crochet Models

This vest made with crochet can be a really nice model for ladies. You can examine it in detail from the picture, you can make yourself a vest.

12 November 2017, 23:34


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Tips For Needlework

Sometimes you have to loose the knitted thing, the thread is good, you can straighten and tie something new.I want to share my way of straightening the thread.Here we have such a glom:

12 November 2017, 22:30


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Pink Cardigan

Pink Cardigan for our sweety girls. 

9 November 2017, 11:28


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Baby Hug Boots [Free Pattern]

#baby #boots #slippers #pattern For Newborn Length of sole: 3½ “ (9cm) Requirements: DK yarn (in one, or two complementary colours) 3.75mm needles In

17 December 2018, 14:11


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Knitted plaid, cap, booties with scheme

Today I will show children's, crocheted, plaid blankets. Bonus to it - a cap and booties, also crocheted.

13 November 2017, 23:58


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Kid Dress and Cap

Vintage set based on the sarafan "Sepia". It is connected from 100% of cotton "Begonia", crock number 2. Belt - satin ribbon, fixed with gold buckles with rhinestones. The shapule is connected by the basic pattern of the hem, its volume is regulated

13 November 2017, 21:30


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Baby Cardigan

12 November 2017, 23:24


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Examples of baby dress

The example you see in the picture will be a very good choice for your baby. You can dress for your baby at home by examining the picture.

12 November 2017, 22:14


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Kids Small Spring Skirt

How to knit kids small spring skirt

5 November 2017, 19:28


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