Self-patterned baby wool
Number three swollen
Fabrication :
Let's start with 45 stitches and 5 teeth.

For example: 7 digits 1 increment 1 decrement 5 straight 1 decrement 1 increment 1 straight Here is one example.

The samples start like this.

We always have the back order reversed.

When 28 teeth are counted from the rim, all the loops are made of 4 teeth.

Cut 21 stitches in the stomach and 13 teeth from 12 stones.

Increase the number of stitches by 21 and make 5 teeth.

Continue to knit the back of the 7-legged haraşo straight on the edge.

When we have 13 teeth in total, we increase 13 loops from the side.

Let's make 1 row of buttonholes.

Let's not forget to marinate from the edges.