Connecting With Parts


Connecting With Parts

Tying the edge of the crochet and connecting it with parts of fabric or leather.

The proposed method of tying the edge with a hook and connecting it with cloth or leather parts can be called "the most elegant solution for this operation" (according to the French encyclopedia of knitting). Unfortunately, magazines and books on needlework pay much attention to such "trifles", although from them the appearance of the work depends not less than on the ability of the needlewoman to handle the hook and spokes.

To some, this combination of a crocheted stitch with crochet may seem unnecessary complication. In the literature on knitting, a different method is much more popular: at the edge of the skin shred, holes are pierced at regular intervals, into which the hook is inserted after tying the edge. When working with a cloth, it is usually advised to combine binding the edge with piercing the holes. It would seem that if everything is so simple, then why are there so few works in the patchwork technique performed in this way? Based on my "hand-made observations," I can answer this: firstly, not every fabric or skin can withstand such frequent piercing along the edge; secondly, to avoid thickening of the edge with this method of tying, only a master of the extra class will be able to.
About how long the tambour stitch is used as a very affordable and externally effective way to decorate the work of leather, felt or fabric was told here . It was much later to combine it with crochet, but this did not prevent the recognition of "this union" as one of the most successful ways of connecting parts from cloth and leather.

It is absolutely not necessary to perform a stitch seam by hand, the benefit of most sewing machines for more than two decades have taught to perform its imitation, which makes it much easier to work with tens or even hundreds of parts of a big thing in the design.
The photographs on the left show two variants of tying: on the very edge and with a slight deviation from it. The first option is advised to use only for those tissues or skin types, in the strength and nonshatterability of the edges of which there is a strong certainty, with the slightest doubt it is better to use the second option.

For the stitch seam, you choose strong cotton or synthetic threads, the thickness of which should be noticeably less than those chosen for knitting.
For work any of the strength and density of the fabric is suitable: from air organza to thick felt. Very expressive is a combination of multi-colored scraps and monophonic yarns. Look wonderful and made in patchwork technology the proposed way of working from the skin.


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Connecting With Parts

Tying the edge of the crochet and connecting it with parts of fabric or leather.

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