• Knit 3sts out of 3sts •
This stitch creates little stars on your fabric, adding amazing texture. To knit it:
- slip 2sts together as if to knit, pass them back onto the left needle
- knit 3sts together tbl but don't drop them off the left needle; make a yo; knit 3sts together tbl again
- finally, drop the sts off the left needle.
• To create the fabric as on my swatch: •
Cast on the number of sts divisible by 4, +3sts.
R1 (WS): purl all sts
R2 (RS): (k3 out of 3, k1)x until 3 last sts, k3 out of 3
R3 (WS): purl all sts
R4 (RS): k2, (k3 out of 3, k1)x until 1 last st, k1.